Peter Budinsky

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5’39 • 2011 • ov no dialog • Slovakia • animation

The story is about Siamese twins who fight each other inside but also outside the boxing ring.
Because of their disability, they have to share their professional and private lives, but each one sees things from a different perspective.
tWINs is an animated film about brotherly love and its limits.

camera, animation and editing : Peter Budinský
screenplay: Patrik Pašš
sound: Juraj Baláž, Peter Kudlička et and Tobiáš Potočný
music: Peter Kudlička
voices: Juraj Baláž, Peter Kudlička, Marek Kundlák, Emília Luptáková, Peter Vážan
supervisor: Michal Struss, Patrik Pašš, František Jurišič
production: Andrea Biskupičová
producer: FTF VŠMU

- awards
Special mention - Animafest - 2012
Best Student Film - Anifest - 2012 + special mention Visegrad Film Competition
Special mention - KISFF - 2012
Etiuda & Anima 2011 - Silver Jabberwocky
Student jury award - Anilogue - 2011
The Award for creativity and artistic expression - Banjalukanima - 2011
Best animation movie - Acko - 2011
Kinema Award - Acko - 2011

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Court Bouillon Public Screening #3
Plateau Télé #3
Court-Bouillon #24
Vidéothèque Nomade and Parcours d’artistes #2
Workshop: le dessert du désert
La Vidéothèque Nomade at Festival Partie(s) de Campagne #1