Western DDR

Marie Voignier

- - -

10’ • 2005 • ov german • st french • France • documentary

... Silver Lake city is a Wild West theme park which was opened for one season only.
A full-size cow-boy village was built on the site of a former east German communist summer camp, not far from the town of Templin, North of Berlin.
Fifty kilometers from the Polish border, Silver Lake city hosted a Music Hall, a selection of saloons and stores, a church, a school, a forge, a bank and a cemetery.
All day long, comedians would act out four typical Western sequences within these settings : a bank robbery - disrupted by the sheriff firing his pistol at a gangster, American Indian dances, games of poker and a French Cancan performance.
Calling for an even more authentic experience, Silver Lake city managed to fly in from South Dakota a family of four Native American Indians."...