Voyage Au Centre Du Monde

Thibault Gondard

- - -

12’ • 2013 • ov french • st english • Belgium • artist’s film • 16/9

In the eighteenth century, Andreas Köhler, a precocious scientist, is the author of a book in which he claims to have located the center of the world.
In 1772 he travels to the French countryside, in the Brie district, to test his theory.
Journey to the Center of the World is an story of initiation, that evokes psychedelic drugs, time travel and the evolution of Brie landscape in the XXI century.

screenplay, editing: Thibault Gondard
sound mixing: Laurent Martin
sound editing: Thomas Grimm-Landsberg
photography: Thibault Gondard, Flore Bleiberg, Florian Berutti
production: AJC!

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- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade