Vivre ensemble en harmonie

Lucie Thocaven

- - -

5’38 • 2011 • ov french • Belgium • animation • 16/9

Through this interlude you’ll learn that demonstrate its anger is harmful and that you must follow the various advices given in order to respect the rules of decency. Or maybe you’ll learn that all the lessons are not good to remember.

sound: Déborah Dourneau
music: Artemisia Absinthium
voices: Marc Lebon and Christophe Grandjean
sound mixing: Déborah Dourneau
animation: Lucie Thocaven
production: Atelier de Production, ENSAV La Cambre

- awards
Prix de la ville du Puy - festival Court Mais Bon - Le Puy-en-Velay - 2012
Mention spéciale du jury - festival 2300 Plan 9 - sélection Court Mais Trash - La Chaux-de-fonds - 2012
Mention spéciale du jury - Future Film Festival - Bologne - 2012

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- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
Court-Bouillon #1.28
Apéro Vidéo #3