Videochoregraphies & documents inédits 1999-2006

Antonin De Bemels

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This collection of video works and previously unreleased material provides insight into the research and experiments Antonin De Bemels has been elaborating for more than a decade. Video, installation and scenography are just some of the artistic media he employs.
The main subject in all these works is the body, and more particularly the dancing body or rather its spatial and temporal recomposition, obtained through various editing and processing methods.
Thus, overlappings, collisions, repetitions, backward and forward motions, still images, residual images, as well as syncopated and elliptical editing concur to hinder, repress and condition movement’s natural fluidity.
This balance of power gives rise to fragmented bodies that struggle between the intervals and cuts. Bodies move restlessly, merge, give life to new hybrid creatures and symbolic figures such as the double, the marionette and the androgyne and conjure up mythological references such as Narcissus and Lilith.

This DVD production has received the support of the Ministry of the French-speaking community of Belgium - Directorate-General for Culture - Visual Arts department, the Brigittines and Quoi d’autre asbl.