19 septembre 2020

Hubbie - rue de la source 83 - Saint-Gilles

Video & Music Delivery #2

10:30am -> noon + 1pm -> 3:30pm - only for residents and staff

This autumn, Music Delivery and La Vidéothèque Nomade are setting up in various places in Brussels : cultural centers, rest houses, specialized centers, hospitals... to create new encounters between musical works, short films and the public that roam these places.
In the form of "musical consultations" - short heads-to-heads between a musician and a spectator - the musicians explore how to interact with the public in a more singular way.
In parallel, in an "artistic waiting room", La Vidéothèque Nomade, in close collaboration with the Music Delivery team, offers a selection of thirty short films that will be available in consultation à la carte..

Our selection of films tries to resonate or contrast with the musical subject as much in the theme, the form, or the image/sound relationship In this waiting room, the audience creates its personalized cinema session, accompanied by a videokeeper.
Rich musical and filmic discoveries to open eyes and ears !

the day menu :

46 bis - Pascal Baes
Glong ! - Romain Blanc-Tailleur & Damien Pelletier
Technique de survie en solitaire and Sea of roofs - Antonin De Bemels
L’homme machine - Denis de Wind & Mathieu Delmartino
Hjardad hammast bam bam bam - Violette Delvoye
Où vas tu? and Vent debout - Sylvie Denet
Malou ou l’hostilité mécanique (en Ut majeur) - Eve Deroeck
Adult e et Half babka - Jasmine Elsen
Number zero - Fred Gélard
Un homme sans - Frédéric Hainaut
The red ball - Alan Holly
Le loup boule - Marion Jamault
Dansen op bloemblaadjes - Michelle Keiser
The nest box - Yannick Lecoeur & Abigail Green
Dies Irae - Marion Leissen & Morgane Simon
Abba Mao and L’axe du mal - Pascal Lièvre
Miramare - Michaella Müller
Bastard and Votez pour moi - collectif Murmuziek
Embrace - Shantala Pèpe
Revolution - Cecilia Pepper
Devoïko - Renaud Perrin
Rue des petites Maries - Laurence Rebouillon
Grouillons nous - Margot Reumont
But Jane was deaf and Sweetie O’s - Tobias Rud
Tower Bawher - Theodore Ushev
Lost and found - Antje Van Wichelen

Hubbie - rue de la source 83 - Saint-Gilles

19 septembre 2020 de 10h30 à 15h30