Tune in

Esther Johnson

14’16 • 2006 • vo anglais • st français • Royaume-Uni • documentaire • 16 mm

Ham Radio, the space age hobby where the world is your friend.
Tune in follows the intriguing world of amateur radio operators, better known as Radio HAMS. Although amateur by definition, Radio HAMS are unique enthusiasts involved in a pastime that requires a rigorous licensing exam taking months of study. The project deals with the politics of space and social communication, blending documentary with lyrical imagery and audio.
Focusing on amateur radio activity throughout the UK, we enter a world of hobbyists whose fascination and curiosity has been crucial in the advancement of modern communications technology, critical in emergency situations and international disasters.
From enthusiasts in their radio shacks, to the creation of cutting-edge satellite technology, amateur radio operators all share the will to reduce extreme distances and communicate through complex means.

producer : Esther Johnson
Film London LAFVA producer : Pinky Ghundale
Film London executive producer : Maggie Ellis
photography : Nicolas Schröder
editing : Esther Johnson and Winnie O’Neil
music : Radovan Scasascia
sound recording : Esther Johnson and Chu-Li Shewring
sound mixing : Chu-Li Shewring
cast : John Crabbe and Steven Overall
featuring the voices of:Terry Barclay G0TBD, John Crabbe G3WFM, Steven Foulkes MW1STE, Mark Harper MW1MDH,Phil Manning G1LKJ, Steven Overall 2E1HFH, Eugene Sully G0VIQ (runner-up of Big Brother 2005), John Warbuton G4RIN M4RIN, Nigel Watson G1XBV

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
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