Trust in me

Stephan Dubrana & Yoann Stehr

23’35 • 2015 • vo français • Belgique • documentaire, film d’artiste • 16/9

Trust in me leave on puppeteers’ meeting of the whole world, gathered in Brussels to the theater of Galafronie on the occasion of an internship given by the puppeteer and plastic Natacha Belova in 2015.
Research, experimentation, identification or on the contrary differentiation, the organizers express themselves on their intentions, their report(relationship) with their creatures, takes out double revelations of a metaphoric universe.
If an internship is the perfect opportunity to experiment, to make mistake, to begin again, the movie also approaches the attempts, sometimes vain, film-makers.
A movie about the fragility of the creation.

This movie was realized within the framework of the internship "Laboratory Plan B" managed by the collective A Tribe and the Theater of Galafronie.

interveners : Natacha Belova, Michel Villée, Noémie Vincart, Didier De Neck, Jean Debefve, Marianne Hansé, Guy Carbonnelle, Yves Robic, Pauline Bernard, Christine Cloarec, Anabel Lopez, Elsa Taranis, Ditte Van Brempt, Maxime Mercadier and Antoinette Chaudron.
trainees : Danaé Brissonet, Leo Courbis, Sarah De Battice, Ekin Ercan, Ana Karina Espinoza, Alba Grande, Loïc Nebreda, Carolina Pimentel, Loreto Cornejo Poblete, Hélène Rosset, Lorena Trigos, Fanny Journaut, Yangalie Kohlbrenner, Camila Landon, Susy Lopez, Gabriel Miralda, Ana Montes.

- awards :
prix découverte - Brussels Art Film Festival - 2016.

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