23’25 • 2005 • vo français • Belgique • documentaire, animation

Transit is a documentary based on the testimonies of refugees (Turkish, Congolese, Colombian, Iranian) and also on persons who give their opinion on the issue of new migrations, including Olivier Maerens of the Alien’s Office and Pierre-Arnaud Perrouti from MRAX.
All the meetings are illustrated in animation and are enforced by various scenes that give a more general outline on the issue.

screenplay : William Henne, Caroline Nugues, Jean-Marie Thomas and Juan-Jose Zaragoza.
camera : Quentin Aksajef, Bruno Frère and William Henne.
animation and sound : Atelier Collectif
editing : William Henne, Rebecca Moreno, Caroline Nugues, Jean-Marie Thomas and Émilie Vandroux.
voices : Alain Éloi and Robert Guilmard.
music : Olivier Dupuis and Jonathan Lecrocq
production : Zorobabel with the support of the french-speaking Comunity of Belgium and Cocof.
People involved in the film : Alexis Poligne, Antoine Meyer, Anton Henne, Aurélie Bernard, Bénédicte Goffaux, Benjamin Bousmor, Bruno Frère, Caroline Dalcq, Caroline Nugues-Bourchat, Cindy Colin, Claudia Delahaye, Marc Counson, Denis Moisse, Éloïc Gimenez, Émilie Vandroux, Agathe, Evangelos Rassos, Fabrice Douchy, Gaetan Struyf, Gregory Hennaut, Ine Vanmarsenille, Jean-Marie Thomas, Jonathan Jacoby, Jonathan Lecrocq, Juan-Jose Zaragoza, Julien Wery, Lionel Seneterre, Ludmilla Krasnova, Maria Cavallo, Milena Bochet, Nicolas De Perlinghi, Olivia Bara, Olivia Faliph, Olivier Bonnehon, Olivier Navez, Onessa Demonceau, Pamela Baramoto, Pierre-Yves Legrain, Quentin Aksajef, Raphaël Claris, Réan, Rebeca Moreno, Redouane Walli, Sandrine Antoniou, Sarah Lenoir, Shadia Boudaka, Sophie Renard, Thomas Hermant, Toufik Semmad, William Henne and Yoann Baras.

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