Topic II

Pascal Baes

- - -

7’10 • 1989 • ov french • France • dance, experimental, animation • 4/3

Topic II, is a dyptique composed by Holidays and Come back to factory
In this "dance film" Pascal Baes and his performers dancing themself and released from their limitations, which are inherent to the stage, and recorded as a paradoxical experience, creating an optical illusion of movement with simultaneously unmoving bodies.
It’s as if the dancers are floating through the streets and alleys of Prague in a dream, meanwhile simultaneously assuming various poses. Here Baes generates a "reanimation" of the body, a choreography of lifeless puppets, controlled by the camera.
Making use of the stop-motion technique, his idiom (La Pose Longue), balances on the dividing line between synthetic grace and analytic .

camera, editing and production: Pascal Baes
sound: Jean-Jacques Palix
performers: Pascal Baes, Sara Denizot, Laurence Rondoni and Jérôme Bel
music and songs: (composer, songwriter and singer): Philippe-Jean Touscos

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