There are no wrong choices

Anne Collet

30’ • 2015 • vo français • st anglais • Belgique • documentaire • 16/9

While clearing out my father’s house after his death, I found boxes of 8mm movies and slides of which I had completely forgotten about.
Before finding these boxes, I had the impression that my father died without sharing anything of his own story. This inherited, silent trove reveals to me parts of his life before my birth, his travels in the Middle East, and lost family scenes.
The process of re-appropriating these images and the creation of this film led me to discover similarities between our paths in life.

screenplay : Anne Collet and Romain Waterlot
editing (image + sound) : Romain Waterlot
sound mixing : Michael Hilgers and Paul LaBrecque
sound : Anne Collet
photography : Frédéric Collet, Philippe Collet and Anne Collet
music : Paul LaBrecque, musiques folk
production : AJC !

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade