The Psychoanalysis of Guy Debord by Freud

David Legrand & Philippe Zunino

DVD-5 - 85’ - 2007 - 850 copies
- bilingual version in english and french
- with the following video works : Depression / The revolt of meaning / Leave all territories / A negative intensity

- Extras : Jean-Luc Godard’s opinion / Art gives a meaning to money / Biographies
- Original drawings by Emmanuel Tête

The psychoanalysis of Guy Debord by Freud grew out ot the desire shared by David Legrand and Philippe Zuninoto create a work that combines two artistic pratices, which follow a course other than exhibition.
On one hand, the use of sound effect on language highlights the constant deviation of the meaning of words and, on the other hand, the production of movies considered as "uncontrolable sites"

The psychoanalysis of Guy Debord by Freud is a video series entirely dedicated to revolt and human cannibalism. In this video series, two great figures of history, namely Guy Debord and Sigmund Freud, are reduced to destructive, grotesque drives by David Legrand and Philippe Zunino.
Our modern world’s licentiousness is metaphorically presented by their characters. Capitalization on lies, aestheticisation of meaning, manipulation of the media, collective bad faith and the industrialization of happiness and suffering are openly unveiled as the simultaneous expression of truth and falsity through the power of differentiation and the use of humor.
Whereas our present consumer society so often leads to addictions, resulting in suffering and social and psychological disorders, The psychoanalysis of Guy Debord by Freud examines and dissects the intrinsically addictive side of desire – in other words, our need to devour one another.
This exultant movie presents an idealized picture of a perfect group murder in four delirious psychoanalysis sessions. A symbolic picture that is somehow unanimously shared, for lies are just a different way of expressing the truth.