25 septembre 2010

Théo 209 - rue Verhaegen 209 - Saint-Gilles

The Nomadic Video Library at Théo

from 3pm - free entrance

We usually visit them for vegetables and fruits and the idea had germinated, for several months, to exceed the step of the leek to land with our videos.
A beautiful opportunity to discover the catalog of The Nomadic Video Library with the last films collected during this summer by satisfying hunger with ground foods.

The Nomadic Video library is a collection of singular films without distinction of genre : animation, video art, documentary, essay, artists’ film, shorts and lengths, belgians and foreigners.
These movies are selected by the members of the association and included in a

- from 3pm to 9pm
films are proposed to the public in free consultation, with several TV set in the different rooms.

- from 7pm we proposed a selection of fine vegetarian foods

- around 9:30pm we finish the evening with a selection of 3 films... indoor or outdoor... we’ll follow the weather....

- Holiday by Aurélia Barbet & Agathe Dreyfus
> 22’ - 2005 - ov fr st en - France
- La consciencia de golpe by Manlio Helena-Urzua
> 45’ - 2009 - ov fr + spa st fr + spa - Chili / France
- F/F by Charles Lum
> 10’ - 2008 - no dialog - USA