Tapis pour lui

LE LIÈVRE de MARS & Albane Moll

3’23 • 2011 • vo sans dialogue • France • film d’artiste, animation

On a music by Élémarsons, a ballet, rich in animal proteins.
Eating is a fate that can lead to terrible crises of doubt : is it better to eat some shit which kills you slowly or to starve under the attentive eye of less scrupulous carnivores ?
Regardless, sooner or later the small immortal soul raccornit in a pile of red fibers suitable for freezing.

screenplay and paper-cuts : Albane Moll
animated (stop motion) and editing : L. L. de Mars
music : Élémarsons

- screening within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
La Vidéothèque Nomade @ Revers - Atelier Création Sonore
Court-Bouillon #2.30
Court-Bouillon #2.27
La Vidéothèque Nomade at 100 Papiers
Cercle Vidéo #6