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Maïté Jeannolin & Charlotte Marchal

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12’21 • 2016 • ov no dialog • Belgium • video art, dance, experimental

Inspired by a mystical ceremony, this movie mainly shot in Morocco is a contemporary reappropriation of a rite of passage, a symbolical journey through the colors of a trance night.
If the body is a vehicle that moves, it’s to move its environment, to embody the landscape.

photography: Charlotte Marchal
performance: Maïté Jeannolin
sound design: Olivier Touche
with: Trân Trân, Silvia Groaz, Mélissa Valette, Valentin Augsburger, Dominique Hoeltschi and Romain Konde

- awards:
PEARLS Prize - POOL - Internationales Tanz Film Festival - Berlin - 2017

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