27 mars 2009

Deadline for submitting proposals


Our association is organizing a multidisciplinary festival in Brussels, focusing on the theme of tragedy and on the meaning of the tragic in our contemporary society.

Submissions can be :
- mailed to 68 Septante asbl, rue du Canada 53, 1190 Brussel Belgium
- emailed, (into PDF) to collectif@6870.be

Proposals have to be inspired by the very characteristics of the genre : rhetoric (narrative structure, actions, characters), psychological characteristics (drive, fear and pity), types of characters (heroes, divinities, historical characters or ordinary ones), etc.

Besides that, this is an interrogation on how the artistic creation referring to the genre can develop a reflection on human condition on the scale of a collapsing society beset by uncertainties and doubts (falls of communism and capitalism, dangers bounded to the advance of science and biotechnologies), and confronted with many different crises (in the fields of environment, economy or democracy).

In the age of postmodernism and consumerism - in a world where the obscene and the sublime are constantly flirting with one another - can the feeling of a return to the tragic transcend our perception of reality or give back intelligibility and a goal to our lives ?