Sur la tête de Bertha Boxcar

Soufiane Adel & Angela Terrail

24’30 • 2010 • vo français • France • fiction

A suburban auto heist...
Rather than wandering in the midst of the skyless towers of his big suburbs, Johnny Johnson, breaking up with his family, invents machines to llift himself out from his morose universe.
In the utopia of his creation among the mechanical waste, he get into the game, and why not an artistic revolution of his neighbourhood to ward off the fate of the permanent night ?

cast : Reda Kateb, Judith Chemia, Farid Adel, Kamel Adel, Zouina Adel, Charles Pennequin et Marc Veh
screeplay : Angela Terrail et Soufiane Adel
photography : Julien Roux
editing : Angela Terrail, Soufiane Adel and Alexandra Mélot
scriptgirl : Marion Pastor
music : Sébastien Cernay
sound : Claire-Anne Largeron
sound editing : Benjamin Rosier
setting : Rachel Marcus
costume : Thomas Cacheux
sound mixing : Sébastien Pierre
production : R !Stone Productions

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