Our DVDs in sleep

Hibernation Hibertalk

Josephin BÖttger

- - -

11’ • 2006 • ov german • st english, french • Germany • experimental

Hibernation Hibertalk draws the viewer into the inner ear of our most intimate narratives, the sequences of fragmented imagery strung together and emitted while we sleep.
Busy mental processes extracted as inconclusive writing on the wall, a palimpsestic hubbub of swirling graffiti and scribbles.
The protagonists are depicted as sleepwalkers meandering through collapsing gameboy architecture, cohabiting modernistic primeval forests with a brown bear which might or might not be a nocturnal alter ego, or are seen as urban campers waking up to oddly unperturbing helter-skelter nightmares of subconscious demolition. Scientists in white coats wander in and out of dreamt laboratories, dissecting brains to unleash cranioscopic graphic energy.
Overall, the varying rhythms and the bubbling, composite soundtrack of noises and voices creates a mesmeric kaleidoscope of sensory activity, a literally endless narrative of the same bits and pieces of subterranean junk we concoct every time we tumble into sleep, collectively or individually.

Matthew Partridge
September 2006 (extract of the text)

camera, drawings, sound, editing: Josephin Böttger
2nd camera, drawings, set design: Peter Afken
actors: Peter Afken, Mona Banker, Florian Tampe, Julia Wagner & Josephin Böttger

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
Plateau Télé #6
La Vidéothèque Nomade at Salon Mommen #2

Sommeil paradoxal

Florentine Grelier

- - -

1’53 • 2011 • ov no dialog • France • animation

Dreaming on film