Small medicine for Foolness, Operetta in 36 parts


15’51 • 2003 • vo sans dialogue • Belgique • art vidéo

36 windows, 6 x 6 video screens showing us 36 quite simple ‘saynètes’ ; short actions, movements, sometimes with objects, sometimes just mimicking things.
Most of them on a backdrop that too loud, the pixels on the screed making it even worse. All of them little, easy and precise, recognisable and familiar. Sometimes they look alike but there is always that little something, that ambiguous detail, a pertubation somewhere in the story, that is challenging the evidence of the message. In those ‘saynètes’ there’s the recurrence of a burlesque spirit, assuming an entirely critical attitude towards the establishement – including that of its own medium. As if communication itself would stand up. _ Generating its own ‘noises’, revolting against the existing media-codes and howling inherent in its messages.

36 windows. That’s also 36 sound-stories that dance along with the images. An air of music, more or less known and interiorised, kind-of familiar, possibly recognisable sounds or words, concrete noises, onomatopoeias.
As many auditive stimulations thar get mixed, parasite-ized and overshadowed, without ever relly saying something in a simple way. Worse, the sounds do not follow the images precisely ; they dance with a permanent hitch in them or they’re late, accentuating the impression of irrational fright that seems to overtake the installation.

production : Guido’Lu
co-production : AVCAN, RTBF Liège , LEM ULg, and the Belgium’s Freanch-speaking Community.

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade]
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