Singe de la lumière (Le)

Érik Bullot

- - -

23 • 2002 • ov french • France • artist’s film

“The sound is the ape of the light”, Jesuit father Athanasius Kircher wrote.
Can the laws of optics be transposed to the world of sound ? Can one see the sound ? Through relationships between the visual aspects and sound, between the voice and the way it is represented, this film exposes and challenges a series of actions freely inspired from object lessons or acoustics treaties: singing, shorthand typing, listening, speaking, stuttering, mimicking bird language, making sound effects, playing several instruments (cimbalom, harpsichord, flute, alto, glass harp).

cast: Dominique Aubert, Elsa Balas, Jean-Claude Chapuis, Sophie Deshayes, Charlotte et Félix Lesage, Valérie Philippin, Françoise Rivalland, Thérèse Rouillon, Marie Vicart.
with: Christine Boureux, Karine Depont, Jérome Fino, Orane Goulot, Flavie Guerrand, Nicolas Lachambre, Christian Merlhiot, Germain Schenkel, Tony Petite, Roméo Veran, Sarah Verollet.
photography: Catherine Pujol.
sound: Jean-François Priester.
musical adviser: Arnaud Deshayes.
music: Mozart, Bach, Kurtág.
original music: Ernest H. Papier.
mixing: Emmanuel Croset.
editing: Érik Bullot.
production : Atelier d’Ivry, cinéastes associés, Délégation aux arts plastiques (Image Mouvement), Le Crédac, École nationale des beaux-arts de Bourges.
avec the participation of Studio national des arts contemporains.

- screenings within the framework of The Nomadic Video Library