Sex manic

Charles Lum

5’ • 2006 • vo anglais • st français • Etats-Unis • film d’artiste

Reflecting a post-antiviral arena of sexual promiscuity for urban gay men, the monologue appears to indict members of the gay community for violating HIV disclosure laws.
Is criminalization a threat to the already tenuous environment of optional disclosure, status awareness and personal sexual responsibility normalized within some gay communities ?
Sex manic presents the frightening ambiguity of written law alongside a compulsive play by play of sexual recollection.
With civil lawsuits now allowed to process in HIV transmission cases based on “constructive knowledge” (assumptions based solely on sexual histories) ; Sex manic exposes sexual shaming becoming a culpability being legally attached to HIV.
As these laws remove requirements for medical evidence, sexual fear and innuendo become the “facts” heading straight from political campaigns into civil court, regardless of the realities of sexual behaviors or viral transmission.

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
Court-Bouillon #2.4
La Vidéothèque Nomade @ Festival Partie(s) de Campagne #3
Cercle Vidéo #2