Salty snow

Maarit Suomi-VÄÄnÄnen

- - -

8’40 • 2007 • ov no dialog • Finland • experimental

Salty snow thematises the yearning for a child.
The film reflects on the innate human need to breed, to create things new.
As hopes, expectations and disappointments become interwoven, life feels fragile and vulnerable, and, at times, the shared sorrow is experienced separately.

script, camera, editing, knitwork and production: Maarit Suomi-Väänänen
composing, music Radioton: Tapani Rinne and Verneri Lumi
cast: Sanna Hedström and Ville Väänänen
sound design and mixing: Kyösti Väntänen
music recording: Jukka Viiri
online editing: Heikki Kotsalo (Parastus)
colorist: Inka Ruohela (Generator Post)
translations: Arja Kantele
grip and lights: Ville Väänänen
executive producer: Auli Mantila, DO films Oy
co-production and funds: YLE (Sari Volanen), AVEK (Milla Moilanen), Finish Cultural Foundation, Arts Council of Finland, VISEK - Visual Artist Copyright Society and ITU - Script Writing Workshop

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
Court-Bouillon #5
La Vidéothèque Nomade @ Festival Partie(s) de Campagne #3
La Vidéothèque Nomade at Le Phare #3
Cercle Vidéo #04
Nomadic Video Library and Parcours d’artistes #1
Périscope 1