17 septembre 2010

new DVD release in our Other DVD’s collection

Riding along on DVD


- a film between documentary and experimental field by Sébastien Demeffe

- DVD-5 - 92’ - 2010 - 400 copies
- ov en and fr st en and fr
- selling price : €20

- this DVD comes in a very spécial cardboard box, with a vivid red edge, home made by Denis Verkeyn (Patate édition).

- inside this box, Faire un film, a notebook of 92 pages, following all the creative process before, during and after the shooting.
Step by step, where craft working and sense meaning are questioning ourselves (only in french).

available in our shop network and online on Athéles

this publishing receive the financial support of Michigan Films and of l’atelier Graphoui