Riding along

Sébastien Demeffe

DVD-5 - 92’ - 2010 - 400 copies
- a film between experimental and documentary field in english and french

- extra : a very crafty DVD box, home made with cardboard by Denis Verkeyn (Patate édition) including Faire un film, a notebook of 92 pages, which relate all the creative process before, during and after the shooting ; where craft working and sense meaning are questioning ourselves (only in french).

- Riding Along_reloaded

- at the beginning of 2011 is born a new editing of the film, then Riding Along became Riding Along_reloaded.
You can watch online the new version on the Michigan’s website here
You can also download in DVD format the reloaded_version here to complete the publishing you already bought or will buy soon !!

A month’s wandering, hitch hiking towards eastern Europe with a few rolls of 16 mm film, a microphone and an old Bolex camera.
An intuitive recollection of sounds and images from the journey’s chance meetings and landscapes.
One conviction leads me on these roads : different forms of association between sound and image are possible.
The recording device is at the heart of the encounters as the emotional barometer of an atypical journey.
From car to car, the film unfolds itself and finds its way, slowly drawing a self-portrait.

watch excerpts of the film on Michigan Films website

This DVD publishing receive the financial support of Michigan Films and of l’atelier Graphoui.