Gonzalo H. Rodriguez

23’37 • 2009 • vo anglais, espagnol • st anglais, français • Allemagne • documentaire, expérimental

In Lima, at the beginning of 1993, decided Rebeca to walk over the highway next to her house but her ramble was interrupted all of the sudden.
After that all became black. This woman was the Rodríguez’s grandmother. Her death is the main motive to make this film as he tried to find a way to bring up a very painful familiar event.
Then, the big challenge relied on crossing over the contradictions of autobiographical work and finding Rebeca at the end of this way again.
How can cinema mediate painfully memories ? What kind of truth emerge by the means of radical subjectivity ?
This questions expanded the film from the simple documentation of facts to the fields of portrait and self-portrait, of the I and the other.

producers : Mariela Rivera-Santander, Alejandro Lira, Gonzalo H Rodríguez
photography : Gonzalo H Rodríguez, Santiago Guerra, Rafo Quintanilla
sound : Gonzalo H Rodríguez, Inés Valenzuela
editing : Gonzalo H Rodríguez
sound mixing : Roman Jungblut
original music : Dylan Corlay
music remix : Minimal Machine
production : KHM

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
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Plateau Télé #4
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