9 juillet 2014

Centre de dédention de Roanne - socio-culturel building

RadioVariations //// Screening

9 am

In June La Vidéothèque Nomade participated in two weeks of workshops, conducted in the centre de détention de Roanne under the RadioVariations project, powered by the non-profit structure from Grenoble, Film à Bord..
During the workshops, participants, men and women, watched dozens of movies and listened to a dozen sound pieces.
In the last two sessions, a selection has emerged and a program was born.
8 films from our collection and two sound pieces proposed by Film à Bord, constitute this program.
The whole program made of four parts, is then proposed to the other prisoners through a screening.

-  Irma by Charles Fairbanks (USA/MX)
-  Le bruit de la mer : [le lustre] by Anne Penders (BE)
-  Savoir aimer by Pascal Lièvre (FR)

-  Ol-lool-O by Chris Watson (UK)

-  Rossignols en décembre by Theodore Ushev (CA)
-  El Tren Fantasma by Chris Watson (UK)
-  Our lights by Noémie Marsily & Carl Roosens (BE)

-  Je criais contre la vie. Ou pour elle by Vergine Keaton (FR)
-  Gains + Losses by Leslie Supnet (CA)
-  Le vent by Lixin Bao (FR/CN)

Centre de détention de Roanne

9 juillet 2014 de 09h00 à 11h30