Qui ne tente pas...

Nicolas Pommier

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10’45 • 2015 • ov french • Belgium • documentary • 16/9

Born with a neurophysiological handicap which prevents him from using its legs "normally", Olivier dreams to become a coach of professional basketball team. While he undergoes a second operation in lower limbs during his adolescence, his father, himself former basketball player who became a trainer, estimates that Olivier exaggerates his handicap. A conflict between the father and the son is then born who encourages Olivier to leave the house just before his 18 years, tired of the incomprehension of his father. He decides to pursue his dream from his/her part and sees confiding the team least than 18 years on St-Gilles’s CRBB The Runners, a club of Brussels basketball. Wanting to prove to itself in himself that he is capable of coaching of young people in spite of his handicap, he comes to grips his mission and decides to follow coach formation. So, the meeting which sets his team to that pulled by his father will be for Olivier a way to prove whom he is.

production:Ecole de Photographie et de Techniques Visuelles Agnès Varda

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