Pour vivre, j’ai laissé

Güldem Durmaz & Bénédicte Lienard & Valérie Vanhoutvinck

- - -

30’ • 2004 • ov french • st french • Belgium • documentary

In September, 2004, in Brussels, filmmakers meet a group of asylum seekers.
These seize the camera and film themselves their intimacy in a center for refugees.
It is a question for them of giving itself finally an image and to be listened.

writing and direction: Güldem Durmaz, Bénédicte Lienard, Valérie Vanhoutvinck
participants to workshops: Fatma Bilgic, Myriem Dölek, Ergün Elelci, Zeki Gürarslan, Zenabou Ibrahim, Umar Jibirin, la famille Lapadji, Ferdinand Lawson, Mustafa Mahaman, Mohamed le coiffeur, Masoumeh Mousazadeh, Koffi Zandji .
photographer: Dominique Gastout
sound: Omar Perez
photography: Fatma Bilgic, Güldem Durmaz, Zeki Gürarslan, la famille Lapadji, Bénédicte Lienard, Mustafa Mahaman, Masoumeh Mousazade, Koffi Zandj
editing: Hervé Brindel et Bénédicte Lienard
production: Gsara on the initiative of the P.A.C. from a Bénédicte Liénard’s project
cofinanced by the European Fund for the Refugees (FER) Within the framework of the campaign Terre d’asile
with the support of the French speaking community of Belgium, of Directorate-General for Culture of the French speaking community and of Éducation permanente department.

- screenings within the framework of The Nomadic Video Library
Cercle Vidéo #04
Nomadic Video Library and Parcours d’artistes #1