Pour en finir avec l’école

Yoann Stehr

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9’15 • 2011 • ov french • Belgium • experimental, animation, fiction

This film addresses particularly the failures, the shy persons, the maniacs, all the voters, all the activists, all the mental defectives, the artists and trade, all the organizers, the professors, primary school teachers and other pains in the neck, in all those who are ashamed to masturbate, to Gentleman Secretary of the national Educastration, to pédachiottes, to Mom ...

first assistant: Louise Dubois
photography: Minhea Popescu, Joseph Krommendijk, Reynald Capurro and Stephan Dubrana.
editing: Clément de Maria and Isidore Durr
set: Anna Terrien, Delphine Coërs, Clément Marquaire, Benjamin Yvert.
animation : Lia Bertels and Rémi Vandenitte.
sound: Thyl Mariage et Aurélien Lebourg.
sound design : Seal Phüric and Neptunian8.
cast: Pierre-Benoist Varoclier, AntojO, Jean-Louis Froment, Dominique Grosjean, Lamia Ryl, Maud Pelgrims, Grégoire Tirtiaux, Pascale Budzinsky, Marine Scandiuzzi, Julien Vargas, Pierre de Brauer, François Gillerot, …
production: Atelier de Production, ENSAV La Cambre

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