Portrait Circus

Jean-Marc Munerelle

DVD-R 8cm - 12’45’’ - 2006 - limited edition 50 numbered copies
- english version

Portraits Circus is a serie of individuals shot without knowing in the european public spaces. In these portraits the subjects reveal their intimacies. While the body frees itself from the costum, while the porous and diffused surfaces out of the costums show off : the face and the gestures

The streets and the public places are waiting places (in the bus), travelling places (at work). In this chaotic universe where individuals with different centers of interest cross and join in a chaos of behaviours from which escape mimics, and sign-gestures from a lonely rapture.

These gestures are sequences which by the repetitions at the editing have became patterns. The pattern thewhich is repeated, is emotive, contaminating and produces an amnesia which inspires the manner of editing and exhibiting this piece.
The title of each portrait is a reference to a generic term, to a function : Eater, Neighbour, Traveller, Walker, Smoker, Player, Phoner.

This videoserie has been screened in numerous cinema festivals and exhibitions througout the world : London, Shanghaï, Paris, Cannes.