Poisson fidèle (Le)


7’40 • 2019 • vo français • Belgique • animation

What would you do with an unsustainable fish, a sculpin, that lets itself be fished indefinitely ?
Three children, John, Alice and Sally, on vacation by a lake in Maine, reject the animal over and over again. John begs the fish to stop biting at their hook. In vain...

Adapted from a short story by Peter F. Neumeyer.

screenplay : Charlotte Brouchon, Chloé Hamon, Juliette Le Magueresse and Anaëlle Loubière
animation and editing : Atelier Collectif
camera : William Henne
sound : Amandine Maes
voices : Jeanne Hartman, David Matarassot, Justine Paulus, Jasmine Petitjean and Liam Petitjean
music : Nik Phelps
coordination : William Henne
production : Zorobabel, in partnership with Théâtre du Tilleul.