Plongée en absurdie

Patrick Theunen

- - -

4’30 • 2015 • ov french • Belgium • documentary, animation • 16/9

In this movie, Lire et Écrire denounces the more and more strong exclusions which live the people in trouble with the paper, in the domains of training and employment. Rosa’s story is de facto inspired realities told by people in training in elimination of illiteracy.
"Here is Rosa. She is 31 years old. Rosa has difficulty of reading and writing. She has just lost her job. She is advised and accompanied to look for some work … Either a training? Or the one then the other one! Or the opposite …"

animation: Patrick Theunen :
cast: Camille Laufer, Michael Cinquin, Anne Cullus, Ellen Meiresonne, Pierre de Bellefroid and Braia Cinquin
animation assitant: Romain Assénat
sound ingneer: Cyril Mosse
producer: Rosa Spaliviero
production: Lire et Ecrire
coproduction: Atelier Graphoui
with the suppoort of la Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles

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