Pine nuts

Lasse Lau

- - -

19’ • 2008 • ov english • st arab, danish, french • Denmark • documentary, artist’s film

"Once there was a forest. Then the forest became a city and the remains became a park. The city started a war and with time its park became imaginary”
So begins Lasse Lau’s Pine Nuts.
Horsh Beirut is a major “public” park that has been closed to citizens for the almost 20 years since the end of civil conflict.
This video explores what remains and what reemerges when an urban green space empties of bodies.
In the video, Lau contrasts calm, even bucolic, shots of the overgrown and empty park with a myriad of voices recounting stories of what the park once was.
Through voices of the Lebanese diaspora, stories of leisure and violence unfold over shots of an orderly park gone feral. These shots are so subtle as to appear still. Without people to disrupt the scenes, the only hint that we are watching moving images is the play of wind in the strangely overgrown trees. Politics and the violence of the past are made intensely personal and spatial in Pine Nuts.
Joni Murphy

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
Apéro Vidéo #2
Court-Bouillon #1.4
Court-Bouillon #3.5
Café Frima*s