Petit théâtre mécanique (Le)


7’14 • 2002 • vo français • Belgique • animation • 16/9 • 35mm

In a department store, a little mechanical theatre plays a musical-style ‘Hansel & Grethel’ continually.
Thomas, a little boy aged around 10, finds himself watching it against his will while his parents go shopping. Bored by the repetitivness of this dismaying performance, he imagines a revised version, where parents get a proper dressing-down…

screenplay : Lamya Amrani, Simon Elst, William Henne AND Laurence Leplae (from Grimm).
camera : William Henne
animation : William Henne, Nicolas Soquette and Alexandra Pons.
editing : Mathieu Gély, William Henne and Nicolas Soquette
sound : Olivier Dupuis
voices : Marie Van R, Maïa Baran and Luc Van Grunderbeek
music : Gaspard Van Ginterdaele
production : Zorobabel with the support of CEC department of the french speaking community of Belgium and of Cocof.

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