12 October 2011

Le Vecteur - 30 rue de Marcinelle - Charleroi

Petit délice #8 - Spécial Livresse

€3,50€ / 3 / season ticket : 6 screenings €15 and 13 screenings €30

Le Vecteur and 68 Septante asbl revive the short movie before the screening of the full lenght one.
Each month, come and discover a new audiovisual Petit délice from our catalogue La Vidéothèque Nomade.

But tonight you can discover a special petit délice within the framework of the Livresse festival.

- Trans by Juan Aizpitarte (ES).

as a starter of Qui sera le maître? by Sylvain Robineau (FR)
30’ - 2010

Following the 2 screenings talk about the thema Urban cultures, skateboard and lifestyle
with the participation of:
- Juan Aipitarte, artist
- Philippe Gargov from Pop Up urbain, geographer
- Mike from Spay Can Arts asbl
- Guillaume Noyelle ([Qui sera le maître?), writer
- Sylvain Robineau, director

Le Vecteur - Charleroi

12 October 2011 de 20h30 à 23h30