Parlez-vous aux plantes?

Camille Ducellier

- - -

7’30 • 2014 • ov french • France • experimental, animation • HD • 16 mm

Parlez-vous aux plantes? A collective, poetic, organic film in the universe of the horticulture.
The film was made from 16mm images - generously given by the filmmaker Jacques Paul - with a technique of scratching and painting onto film, inherited from the works of Norman Mac Laren and Len Lye.
This project was led by schoolchildren and high school students of the Horticultural High school of Niort.
Thanks to the FAR for its support.

16mm editing: Camille Ducellier and Frank Baudin
soundtrack: Isabelle Moricheau

watch the film

- screening within the framework of La Vifdéothèque Nomade
Court-Bouillon #3.5
Plateau Télé
Court-Bouillon #2.9
Court-Bouillon #29