Timothée Crabbe

- - -

6’ • 2018 • ov no dialog • Belgium • animation • 16/9

A curios child walks in a forest, suddenly he is taken in the frenzy and the conformity of the modern life. The child resits and returns to the peacefully woods. This poetic and sensitive initiatory tale reminds us some others and give us a message of emancipation and freedom.

animation, settings, caracter, ligthing, camera, sound effects and editing: Timothée Crabbé
costume designer: Marina Amesquita
music: Nathan Rollez
sound: Louis Matcho
production: Sint-Lucas Brussel School of Art

- awards:
Second award International - Great Message International - Best animated Short - Film Award Film Festival - Comic & Animation Festival of Chania - Greece - 2018
Finalist - Zaporizhzhia International Film Festival - Ukrania - 2018

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade