Pacto femininum

Ane Lan

12’ • 2009 • vo norvégien • st anglais • Norvège • film d’artiste

By relating himself to the victimized female characters of traumas which are inevitable linked to the history of the “Other” sex, as being raped, getting married, loosing ones baby child, becoming a prostitute etc, Ane Lan cunningly manage to blur the relationship between victim and molester, thus suggesting that the heartfelt and supposedly sincere participation in the trauma of the female victims becomes as a participation in a larger ritual related to a psycho-social complex whose implications goes far beyond the mere issue of gender and construction of identity.

camera, music, lyrics, costume and set design : Ane Lan
cast : Ina Åsheim, Aurora Sandlilje, Rikke Lundgreen, Odd Reierstad, Sidsel Reierstad, Beata Iden Kretovicova, Birgitte Fjeld Bjørsvik, Tone Gellein, Karstein Solli, Vitor Monico Truzzi, Christina Nicolaisen
produced with support of : The Norwegian Arts Council, The Norwegian Photographers Fund,The Norwegian Artists Association Fund, Fotogalleriet/Oslo et PAPO -art dialog

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- screenings within the framewok of La Vidéothèque Nomade
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