Overdue conversation

Charles Lum

9’ • 2006 • vo anglais • st français • Etats-Unis • film d’artiste

A dialogue about sex, responsibility and HIV, after the (f) act.
A confrontational work that analyzes media, intimacy and AIDS in triple critique, Overdue conversation aims at the deconstruction of the documentary interview by creating a triangle between two differing individual video perspectives and the audience.
By eliminating camera crew and crosscut editing, the video-maker, subjects, and audience become witnessing participants and editors in a candid video confrontation over sexual truthfulness.
Forced to choose "sides" viewers must make their own decisions on issues of personal vs. public freedoms, privacy, HIV disclosure, sexual dynamics and legality.
Adapted from a video installation, this short adds a profound twist to reality TV. As a media saturated metaphor for HIV, it puts the POV in the subject’s own hands, but lets the user choose how to look.

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade
La Vidéothèque Nomade @ Revers - Atelier Image
Vidéos à la Carte & Plateau Sonore #1