17 octobre 2013

Le Vecteur - rue de Marcinelle 30 - Charleroi

On Air at Festival Livresse #16

5 pm - free entrance

The 16th edition of the festival focuse on journalistic writing through discussions, screenings, workshops, performance ...
In this context we selected for the audience the film :
- On Air by Christophe Joly (53 ’ - 2006 - USA)

Today, fewer than ten companies dominate the American media landscape. Those conglomerates control a large part of what Americans watch, listen to and read.
This narrowing of the culture has brought about the birth of alternative media. On air examines how this counter-current manifests itself throughout the United States, from the west coast to the east coast, and reveals the movement’s existence, its engagement and its claims.

On air is a documentary on the resistance offered by the alternative media to the alarming situation related to news and information in most mainstream US media. Meet those who embody the vision of this new movement, journalists such as : Amy Goodman from Democracy Now ! David Fanning – Frontline, Roger Cohn – Mother Jones ; media analysts such as Danny Schechter – Mediachannel, Peter Hart – Fair ; Media producers and directors such as Robert Greenwald and Ian Inaba and authors such as Naomi Klein, Howard Zinn, as well as many other voices of this counter-current.

Le Vecteur - rue de Marcinelle 30 - Charleroi

17 octobre 2013 de 17h00 à 18h30