13 novembre 2008

boulevard d’Ypres 66 - Brussel

Nomadic Video Library at Yper 66

6>10 pm - free entrance

Within the framework of the opening of the new Precare’s building, we propose to you a Nomadic Video Library.

Since a few weeks we’re sharing an office with Citymine(d) at the 4th floor of this building.
Exceptionally for these opening, we shall use a part of the space of our dear neighbours to present one of our projects which we’re developping for some months : The Nomadic Video Libray.

This Nomadic Video Library is "on demand". Films can be consult on two TV’s with headphones.

Besides, our DVD edition project will be also present on the MMM indoors which will invade all the floor...
Thus come to discover our quite last edition, Prescription, around the visual and sound universe of Christophe Bailleau with the cooperation of Julie Maréchal.

Hope to see you there...