Nelson Sullivan volume 1

Nelson Sullivan

DVD-9 - 114’ - 2005 - 700 copies
- a bilingual DVD in english and french
- with the following video works : Monologue for TV-show / A visit to Christina / Walk to east village / A bus trip to Washington.
- Extras : La bande à Nelson a documentary by Stéphane Goël and Fernand Melgar.

- sound design by Krikor and Sandrine Arnone
- about Nelson Sullivan
- Nelson Sullivan’s TV

The first one in Europe, this DVD production was able to be implementation thanks to the Swiss association Climage.

Before his death in 1989, New Yorker Nelson Sullivan was continually filming the people and events around him. He did not edit the films he made by holding out his arm, focusing the wide-angle lens on himself, wandering through the city, and commenting on what he saw all the while. He often let his camera illustrate what he found important to show us.
Through his camera the viewer is taken on a personal guided tour of his New York neighbourhood, cafés, the Chelsea Hotel and other places frequented by Nelson. Nelson’s camera mediates his conversations with his friends, many of whom are transvestites. They play up to the camera with the utmost grace, conscious of the fact that Nelson’s identity has been transferred to his camera.
Nelson Sullivan’s work reveals incredibly precocious “subjective” camera work (which has, since then, notably been taken up by television) and provides rare testimony to an extraverted gay way of life in New York that has only started to quiet down recently. More than ever, the form and content of Nelson’s films seduce the spectator.