Mister Crâne

Stephan Dubrana

- - -

5’48 • 2013 • ov french • st english • Belgium • documentary • 16/9

At the age of eight, as he is walking with schoolmates, Jim Skull comes across a human skull.
This precise moment represents a tipping point, and a fascination for this “object” develops that will never diminish.
He sands, coats, glues, and shapes cardboard skulls.
The filmmaker Stéphane Dubrana paints the portrait of this astonishingly joyful artist.

sound: Penda Houzangbe
editing: Marc Daquin and Yoann Stehr
music: Marais, pièces de viole (improvisation sur les folies d’Espagne), Bach (Ach wie sehnlich wart’ich der Zeit), Couperin (la pudeur), Jacques Thollot (enlevez les boulons, le croiseur se désagrège), forsaken odes conglomerate (the corridor), Mahler (Symphony #5 In C Sharp Minor - Stürmisch Bewegt)

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