Maintenant il faut grandir

Bruno Tondeur

- - -

7’50 • 2012 • ov english, no dialog • Belgium • animation

A shiftless bear wiles away his days with porn, video games, and more porn. But could the promise of IRL love be enough to drag him away from his 2D obsessions?

sound design and music: Pierre Slinckx
assistants: Stephane De Groef and Pierre Slinckx
sound mixing: Philippe Delhaye
production and distribution : Atelier de Production, ENSAV La Cambre

- awards:
- Lauréat du premier prix à courts mais trash - 2013
- Lauréat du meilleur court métrage beTV - ANIMA - 2013
- Prix du public - Short Screen - Bruxelles - 2013

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