Magma chamber (The)

Shantala Pepe

- - -

19’ • 2018 • Belgium • dance, artist’s film

Behind closed doors, a woman with no face. Is she a witch ? A spider-woman, a goddess, a she-wolf or a carnivorous plant ? The Magma Chamber is a discourse without words, acry without voice, that tells us the violences and the ambivalences contained in the archetypes structuring female identity.

screenplay: Shantala Pèpe
co-director: Antonin de Bemels
choreography andperformance: Shantala Pèpe
photography and sound design: Antonin De Bemels
lighting design: Hugues Girard
lighting technician: Stéphane Rimasauskas
costumes: Shantala Pèpe and Patricia Eggerickx
editing: Antonin de Bemels and Shantala Pèpe
script supervisor: Mariyya Evrard
sound mixing: Alexis Oscari
color grading: Claire Beunckens
production: Incógnita asbl and Shantala Pèpe
co-production: Stéla - DesArts, DesCinés
With the support of the Bureau d’Accueil des Tournages de La Loire, the city of Saint Etienne, and Athanor asbl

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Court-Bouillon #2.20