Lost and Found

Antje Van Wichelen

9’34 • 2013 • vo sans dialogue • Belgique • animation • 16/9

A cold winter night in Brussels. Behind a hole in a wall, a woman lies suffering from the cold. Her shivering sounds attract the attention of the lost gloves of the city. They start on an adventurous journey.

This stop-motion and pixilation film was entirely shot at night, with methods of night photography, no extra light and in-depth sharpness.

production, animation, storyboard, animatic : Antje Van Wichelen
cinematography : Pascal Baes
music : Aki Onda
cast : Elisabeth Lebailly, Antje Van Wichelen and Rudy Welvaert
musicians : Aki Onda (electronics), Michael Evans (percussion, voice),
Doug Wieselman (bass clarinet, guitar), MV Carbon (voice)
textile creation : Pelusa Salazar
editing : Sébastien Demeffe
color grading : Miléna Trivier
financial & logistic partners : Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie voor het
Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Kunstencentrum Recyclart, Atelier Graphoui, Le CPC, RHOK – academie animatie, Ecocultures asbl, La ville de Bruxelles and Brussels Film Office

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