Lloyd____fein must die

Charles Lum

- - -

3’ • 2010 • ov english • USA • artist’s film

When Lloyd _____fein, the CEO of Goldman-Sachs and the highest paid ($70,000,000.00) Wall Street executive was asked on December 7, 2009 what he wanted his legacy to be, according to the New York Times he replied "that, like his predecessors, he hoped to position Goldman to capitalize on whatever opportunities might arise."
A direct cause of the deepest de- oops, recession in history, Goldman Sach’s policy of profiteering opportunism has commandeered global economies (ie: Greece) for the firm and CEO’s unimaginable personal enrichment, to the detriment of billions.
That’s people, not dollars.
Let the Public Beware.
Lloyd ­­­­_____fein must die is protest porn. Using freely accessible photos from the internet and Sammy Davis Jr.’s classic signature song "I’ve Gotta Be Me", Lloyd ­­­­_____fein must die is a choreographed sexual roundelay about the destructive greed and vanity of the planet’s most vilified banker.
Summoning an orgy of amazing images to sexually relieve the anger of our population,
Slyly mocking hate speech and antagonistic imagery, Lloyd ­­­­_____fein must die’s cathartic Freudian release posits a retreat to private joy as a valid response for populations in all ways depressed by avaricious powerbrokers in our capital economies.