Ligth Falls (The)

Soufiane Adel

- - -

9’16 • 2018 • France • experimental, fiction

Somewhere in the suburbs in the near future...
The working class doesn’t exist anymore...
Venus is getting closer to the Earth...
A man and his son reinvent the world...

casting: Soufiane & Kamel Adel
sceipt and editing: Soufiane Adel
sound: Sofia Kuzmenko
music: Geoffroy Lindenmeyer
special FX: Matthieu Foulet
sound mixing: Philippe Grivel
direction assistant: Mustapha Belhocine
photography: Romain Carcanade
camera: Stéphane Boissier
sound editing: Vincent Weber and Claire-Anne Largeron
costume designer: Élisa Ingrassia
visual FX: Pierre-Emmanuel Meunier
production: Société Acéphale

- screenings within the framework of La Vidéothèque Nomade