La cité administrative de l’État

BLOWUP & Vincent Matyn

DVD-R Video - 8’ (without extras) - 2006 - 100 copies
- Dutch, english and french version

- Extras :
Other visual, textual and audio documents restitutes the original context of the project, the artistic process of the authors with the participation of the ethnograph David Jamar.

In 2004, during the PleinOpenAir festival co-organized by the Nova cinema and City Mine(d) non-profit organisations, many different initiatives from the Brussel’s associative world have emerged to forebring the attention and stimulate thoughts upon the becoming of the site of the administrative City of the State, outstanding urban site, sold to private investors.

The collaboration between the BlowUp collective and the artist Vincent Matyn started in this occasion, on a shared interest concerning the administrative city and its dismantling.
Producing images and collecting sounds, meeting the civil servants, users, gardens, corridors, lifts, perspectives, colors...
This DVD release contains a slideshow, using photographs and audio accounts by civil servants.