30 septembre 2017

La Vidéothèque Nomade : FOCUS VILLE

3 > 7 pm - free entrance

To launch its theme of season 2017-2018, URBN, dedicated to the city, PointCulture opening up and goes out in the street.
La Vidéothèque Nomade, partner of PointCulture Brussels, puts her tent on pavements and offers you a selection short films in regards to THE CITY.

FB event

Under the tent, a screen, pillows...
On the table, close by, a amazing film selection with fifty films,..
Make your choice and let’s go... Have a nice screening !

with short films by :
Marte AAS (NO) ///// Juan AIZPITARTE (ES) ///// Mali ARUN (FR) ///// Nicolas BIANCO-LIEVRIN (FR) ///// Josephin BÖTTGER (DE) ///// CAMERA ETC (BE) ///// Seb COUPY (FR) ///// Sylvie DENET (FR) ///// Stephan DUBRANA (BE) ///// Delphine FEDOROFF (BE) ///// Alan HOLLY (IE) ///// Ana HUSMAN (HR) ///// Esther JONHSON (UK) ///// Joseph KROMMENDIJK (BE) ///// Lasse LAU (DK) ///// Anne LECLERCQ (BE) ///// Guillaume LE GOUILL (FR) ///// Joanna LORHO (BE) ///// Marine LOSCOS (FR) ///// Simon MEDARD (BE) ///// Albert MERINO (ES) ///// Berbard MULLIEZ (BE) //// Collectifs POA / PTTL (BE) ///// Benoît PERRAUD (FR) ///// Laurence REBOUILLON (FR) ///// Julie REMBAUVILLE (FR) ///// Jules Paul SMITH (BE) ///// Nathan THEIS (US) //// Antje VAN WICHELEN (BE) ///// Alice VAN DEN BERG (BE) ///// Jaco VAN DORMAEL (BE) ///// Martin ZIVOCKY (CZ) ///// ZOROBABEL (BE)

PointCulture - rue Royale 145 - 1000 Bruxelles

30 septembre 2017 de 15h00 à 19h00